“Weaving Through Life’s Chapters” – Carolyn


I have a warm spot in my heart for Dr. Cook. Walk With The King has probably influenced my life more than any other radio program that I have listened to over the years.

I first heard Walk With The King in the 1970s when I was a teenager. A radio station in New Jersey broadcast Dr. Cook’s program in the early mornings, and I would listen as I was getting ready for school.

I loved his kind, conversational style and his great understanding of human nature. He had such wise advice with phrases like “Pray your way through the day,” and “Faith is risking the situation on God.” These were practical nuggets I could carry with me as I headed off to school!

Fast forward about 25 years. I was thrilled to hear Dr. Cook’s warm voice on WIHS radio in Connecticut where my family and I live. Our boys grew up hearing Dr. Cook say, “Walk with the King today, and be a blessing.” They are now grown, but my husband and I still enjoy listening. We love how (as Dr. Cook would say) he puts a handle on the Word of God; he explains a Bible passage and helps you incorporate it into everyday life. He does that by weaving in real-life experiences (some humorous), whether they be from his worldwide evangelistic outreaches, his years as a pastor, or as president of the college.

I know Dr. Cook prayed before he shared his messages each day. The Lord has continued to answer those prayers over the years by blessing generations of listeners like myself and my family with the timeless truths of the gospel.

-Carolyn from Connecticut

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