“Keeping On” – Lois Cook Gillern

The word would go throughout the house to whoever was around, “Be quiet. Papa’s making tapes.” We all knew what that meant. Papa was home and hoping to record one or more radio broadcasts.

There were three phones in the house. If you’ve listened to the broadcast for any length of time, you’ve no doubt heard my father’s description of the house I grew up in. He recorded in “the little room at the end of the hall in the big white house.” Well, at the very beginning of that hallway was an old telephone table with a rotary phone sitting on top. That was my phone of choice to use as I sat on the floor chatting with friends for hours, as any good teenage girl would do.

If Papa was taping and the phone rang, someone would undoubtedly dive towards the nearest phone and whisper, “Hello? Can’t talk now.” He would often record his broadcast very early in the morning or very late at night when things were mostly quiet in the house.

I have so many special memories from those days. I remember sitting at the very top of the flight of stairs — my back propped up against the wall at the entrance of that narrow hallway that led to his office. I would sit there, listening silently as he recorded his messages that the rest of the world would soon be listening to as well.

I always sensed that what he was doing was much bigger than radio.

As true today as it was back then, I heard a true connection with those he was speaking to as he recorded those broadcasts. It was compassion and earnest desire to encourage and minister God’s Word to those who would sit and spend a moment with him each day. He truly cared for those he was speaking to, and earnestly sought God in what he did — not only the content, but the manner in which it was delivered.

He talks about it in broadcasts like in #6649:

“Oh, I’ve just been praying that God would put His love in my voice, His blessing and His truth and power, but most of all His love. So many people are lonely and neglected and down and discouraged. And maybe something that the Lord may say through yours truly, will encourage your heart in these moments.”

It’s a blessing to be able to continue my father’s ministry. I consider it one of the greatest privileges afforded me. I get to witness God’s hand at work as the Spirit uses the Word to encourage and convict.

I get to read how the Lord has used these words, recorded by my father, to help heal, support, and provide a lifeline for people in their everyday lives. I can’t begin to count the times someone has said, written or emailed me that “it was JUST what I needed to hear today.” God is fitting these messages to listeners’ hearts.

My heart is full of gratitude for all of our listeners who faithfully pray, and donate to maintain this ministry. My father wrote this in 1982, and I can honestly say it is still the truth.

Your loyalty and faithful support is evident, and for that we are deeply grateful, believe me. The day-to-day existence of this ministry depends on the faithfulness of our friends. Were you and the Lord to forget us even for a day, we would be in trouble. However, His grace is always there, and you are standing with us, and for that we are greatly encouraged — keep on! Thanks so much and God bless you!

And we intend to keep on — as long as the Lord keeps His hand on it.

With a grateful and humble heart,

Lois Cook Gillern

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