“My Photographic Friend” – John

My Friend Through Time

My relationship with Walk With The King began in 2016 as a young freelance writer, picking up jobs wherever I could. I’d never heard the friendly voice of the late, great Dr. Robert A. Cook.

One of my first Walk With The King writing assignments actually had nothing to do with the radio show. It was captioning old photographs that were to be added to a new website biography section. These photos, over 500 in total, cataloged years and years of Dr. Cook’s life – his family, friends, ministries and milestones. Over 100 years of Cook history.

It was during this project that I got to know my dear radio friend for the very first time.

I was initially acquainted with the tiny infant Robert Cook in the company of his late mother and father. Next, on through the college years at Wheaton and Moody. Then, family life with Coreen and three beautiful girls. And then ultimately, through over 50 years of ministry. A series of photographic memories from one man’s life outside the airwaves.

Five years later, and after working on countless Walk With The King projects, I’ve listened through more broadcasts than I can remember.

Every day, I hear that signature, warm welcome – “Hello there, radio friend, how in the world are you?” and I sit in astonishment at how faithful Dr. Cook was to the calling on his life and to the thousands of people who tuned in every day.

Through every life season, both triumph or trial, he was there for his radio friends – doing what the Lord put him on this world to do. And always with a smile and an encouraging directive for all who listened, “Walk with the King today and be a blessing”.

It’s a kind of steady devotion to the gospel, tuned from years of faithful meditation on the those divine principles, season after season. It’s the kind of voice everyone deserves to hear by way of radio. It’s the kind of person I like to call: my own radio friend.

– John

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