Digital Booklets

Digital Booklet: What Did I Say?

All of us probably have had the experience of saying something, perhaps quite casually, that was perceived differently than we intended.

Digital Booklet: Cure for Discouragement

You say to yourself or out loud, “Oh, I’m so discouraged.” The reasons for your being in that state of mind may be entirely valid. Moreover, you may admit quite readily that discouragement comes to everybody at one time or another in varying degrees of intensity.

Digital Booklet: Look, You’re Transparent

Ultimately the people we live with, the ones we work with, even those with whom we casually rub shoulders are going to know quite accurately the kind of person we are. The sad stubborn fact is that people can see right through us. We “cover our tracks” only lightly.

Digital Booklet: Come Right In!

As we look at Romans 5, we see God inviting us, too, to COME RIGHT IN, to exercise the privilege of our sonship, to delight ourselves in the secret place of His purpose and His love. “Through our Lord Jesus Christ . . . we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand…” […]

Digital Booklet: Behave Your Beliefs

What do we mean when we say, “Behave your beliefs”? We are saying that the great truths of the Word of God that we cherish and believe must come alive in our everyday actions if we are to have any impact on the world around us.

Digital Booklet: Nobody’s Going to Push ME Around!

“Nobody’s going to push me around!” How often have you heard those words … or said them … or thought them? In the back of your mind may be the idea that lowliness is either weakness (which you avoid) or lack of recognition of one’s worth (which you deplore). So you shrink from this concept […]