For over 50 years, Robert A. Cook has been putting a handle on the Word of God so you can get a hold of it for yourself.

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If it wasn't for those moments with Dr. Cook, I regret to think where my life would be today.

—Joseph from Delaware

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God’s Hand at Work Through the Decades

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Today with the King

Book: Today with the King, by Robert A. Cook

Today with the King, by Robert A. Cook. Walk with the King every day while learning practical ways of growing closer to Christ with Dr. Cook's year-long daily devotional, Today with the King.

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“My 25-year-old copy is so marked up that I wanted to start over! Dr. Cook's observations and commentaries on verses are spot-on! This book is a blessing. Thank you!” - Christine C.

“I love this book. It is well written in simple and quick devotions.” - Kasey

“This is truth, God's Word, being shared with us, with easy to understand application. I like to do these devotional times with my children. The devotions are not too long, but always have something deep we can discuss & delve into, depending on what's going on in our lives.” - Suz

“Cookism” of the Day

“After having been fired someone said, “I don’t know how I’ll get along without you but I’d rather.”