Christian Credibility

Broadcast #: 6887
Scripture: John 10:41

People tend to believe you or not depending on how they see you in your daily life.

Eternity Via Daily Life

Broadcast #: 6849
Scripture: John 6:22-29

You can be concerned about eternal matters within the context of everyday life.

Give It All Back

Broadcast #: 6846
Scripture: John 5:40-6:15

Start where you are with what you have and let God multiply it.

The Impossible

Broadcast #: 6645
Scripture: Mark 16

The stone rolled way from the empty tomb was a literally impossible, and joyous, event. When the immovable problems hit your life, remember that the God of miraculous and impossible things; cares, is already ahead of you and will see you through.

What He Can Do

Broadcast #: 6637
Scripture: Mark 9

There is a connection between what God can do and what you think He can do. Our focus must always be on Him and He will give us the best thing.

All You Have

Broadcast #: 6634
Scripture: Mark 6

God holds us responsible for meeting other’s needs. He loves using little things to create big miracles. Yield all you have to Him and He will bless it.

Look Through Your Tears

Broadcast #: 6629
Scripture: Mark 16:19

No matter what happens, Jesus is always the same. When you do His Will and trust Him, He will alway use your trials to bring forth something good.

The Miracle Working God

Broadcast #: 6626
Scripture: Mark 16:15-18

God is still in the miracle business and He will chose to perform them as He determines it best to do so. Depend on your Lord who hasn’t brought you this far to drop you now.


Broadcast #: 6508
Scripture: Colossians 1:9

You share because you’re full of Him. When you’re jostled, what spills out is the blessing of God.

Praying Towards Answers

Broadcast #: 6505
Scripture: Colossians 1:9

Let your mind visualize the answer and see what God will do.