Gods Plans

Stay Close

Broadcast #: 7010
Scripture: Psalm 37:19

Walking closely with God allows us to see and hear with His eyes and ears. Miracles can happen when we’re walking with Him.

Standing Strong

Broadcast #: 7009
Scripture: Psalm 37:16-18

How do we live by the values that God lays out for us through the trials and temptations of this modern age? Walk through the secret of standing strong in His shining grace and power.

Through The Wringer

Broadcast #: 6992
Scripture: John 11

God’s purpose of putting you through the wringer is that He might get the glory and Jesus might be glorified. This is the end result of anything you’re experiencing.

Give And Trust

Broadcast #: 6985
Scripture: John 6

If you’re willing to take your perplexity, or your heartache, or your despair, or your uncertainty, or the deep hurt that there may be in your life; if you’re willing to take that to Jesus, and trust Him with it, He will do the miracle in your life.

The True Story

Broadcast #: 6962
Scripture: John 18:1-16

There’s room for the occasional misunderstanding, but what is said about you, over the years – 20 years, let’s say – will be precisely the truth.

Light Of Eternity

Broadcast #: 6914
Scripture: John 14:1-3

God has plans for you that extend into eternity. And because that is so, you and I better had be careful of what we do that affects eternal issues.

Give It All Back

Broadcast #: 6846
Scripture: John 5:40-6:15

Start where you are with what you have and let God multiply it.

Pray Through The Day

Broadcast #: 6428
Scripture: Mark 6:46-50

God places great value in you and has plans for you. Pray your way through the day so you can fit into His divine plan. There is nothing so small that it does not need prayer.

Use Me Now

Broadcast #: 7489
Scripture: Romans 15:29

Sometimes you can just keep your mouth shut and let God take care of it.