Resources referencing 1 Timothy

The Best Decoration

Broadcast #: 6685

The most beautiful adornment is inner beauty springing from a love of God and understanding of His Word. There are also many attributes pastors should have for effective teaching, such as patience and living the truth.

Suitable For The Pastorate

Broadcast #: 6686

A pastor’s role is an important one and a high calling. Pastors should exhibit traits such as patience, hospitality, and discipline.

Think God's Thoughts

Broadcast #: 6687

A sound mind focused on God’s Word is vital for all people, and pastors especially. Fill your mind with God’s Word, then live it and share it with others.

Act Eternally

Broadcast #: 6688

How do you get to do a good work? Number one: be a good man: be a godly man: be a Bible-filled man: be a praying man: and be a calling man. And then, every week lead somebody to Jesus....


Broadcast #: 6691

God’s people have a right to the unanimity of the Holy Spirit of God.

Leadership In The Family

Broadcast #: 6694

You don’t demand that kind of a leadership, you have to earn it on your knees.

All Things In Christ

Broadcast #: 6695

Routine things can be touched with God’s glory if you do them for Jesus.

Our Relationship To Others

Broadcast #: 6659

How do we relate and how should we handle Christians in our care? One key is to always manifest the truth in love and commit to the Will of God.