Resources referencing 1 Timothy

Living For Your King

Broadcast #: 6674

You are indwelt by the Holy Spirit of the eternal God, so that what you say and do has an eternal aspect to it, and eternal consequences.

All Our Needs

Broadcast #: 6675

You are part of God’s plan in the world today. Give Him your schedule and let Him use you.

Depend On Him

Broadcast #: 6679

Absolute dependence on God keeps you on course in all situations. Pray your way through the day and have faith. The combination equals victory.

The Ask

Broadcast #: 6680

The earnest ask, thanks, worship and intercession are four keys in prayer. Be sure to give God His proper place and have the right attitude of heart.


Broadcast #: 6681

The love of God makes you feel differently about others needs. Let it cost you something. Pray for others, for leaders, and for what God wants.

His Supreme Desire

Broadcast #: 6682

God desires to save people and He want us to have a good life. Get to know Him better and what He wants from you by prayer, reading the Bible, and memorizing Scripture.


Broadcast #: 6683

God’s promises are for you, my brother, my sister, and He want to send you to somebody today.

Our Relationship To Others

Broadcast #: 6659

How do we relate and how should we handle Christians in our care? One key is to always manifest the truth in love and commit to the Will of God.