1 Timothy

The Secret To Greatness

Broadcast #: 6790
Scripture: 1 Timothy 6

Tie your decisions to God’s Will and insist on doing things right. Pleasing God – that will build greatness into your life.


Broadcast #: 6789
Scripture: 1 Timothy 6

God would have us learn to run away from things that would destroy our fellowship with Him.

Love Action

Broadcast #: 6788
Scripture: 1 Timothy 5

Ask God to give you a heart that’s pure and motives that are selfless.


Broadcast #: 6787
Scripture: 1 Timothy 4

Hand yourself over to God – no questions asked and no fine print in the contract.

Your Guide

Broadcast #: 6786
Scripture: 1 Timothy 4

Ask God to guide you so that you’ll be doing what He wants you to do and saying what He wants you to say.

Showcasing Heaven

Broadcast #: 6785
Scripture: 1 Timothy 3

Make sure that your own heart is absolutely right with God – then you’ll be able to share your Savior with others.

The Effect of Prayer

Broadcast #: 6784
Scripture: 1 Timothy 2

Talk to Him today – get things right so that your praying will remain unhindered.

Keeping Commitments

Broadcast #: 6783
Scripture: 1 Timothy 2

I’m committed to the Bible. I’m committed to the Gospel and saved by grace through faith plus nothing.


Broadcast #: 6782
Scripture: 1 Timothy 2

The reason I want you to pray is because God wants people to be saved – there’s only one way.

Godly Sincerity

Broadcast #: 6781
Scripture: 1 Timothy 2

Godliness is the quality of God in the ordinaries of life – you don’t have to be pious all of the time.