Resources referencing 1 Timothy

Relaying Truth

Broadcast #: 6730

Exhortation means leading a person to make decisions on his own heart based on the Truth of God.

Gift Management

Broadcast #: 6731

Give yourself to the Lord and let Him use you within the boundaries of the gifts that He has given you.

God Pondering

Broadcast #: 6733

That to which you give your interest becomes a compelling and growing force in your life.

Totally Committed

Broadcast #: 6734

God wants you to come to the place where there isn’t anything held back.

Neglecting What He Gives You

Broadcast #: 6735

Start thinking and praying about your personal responsibility to develop the abilities God has given you?


Broadcast #: 6736

Take heed to thyself — that’s your responsibility. No one will do it for you.

Abiding (In His Word)

Broadcast #: 6737

Spend enough time with the Word of God, day-by-day, so you feel comfortable with it.

Thinking (On His Word)

Broadcast #: 6738

The things you think about all the time are what you’re gonna end up trusting.

Living With God

Broadcast #: 6739

Make God’s Word the standard by which you measure.