Broadcasts containing the keyword(s): Desires

Beseeching, Worshiping, Trusting

Broadcast #: 6376

Have you ever made a list of the things you really want God to do in your life and in the lives of others around you?

Count On It

Broadcast #: 7150

All of our sins, failures are nailed to the cross with Christ. Count on the fact that your sins are forgiven and we are made alive in Christ, dead to sin.

First And Foremost

Broadcast #: 6759

Be sure that money and things take their own secondary place as to be used for the glory of God.

Give In, Give Up (To Him)

Broadcast #: 7217

If you want to escape the domination of desires that would get the upper hand in your life and control you, you simply have to make up your mind that you’re going to give in to somebody else.


Broadcast #: 6503

What we need, Beloved, is to bring our praying to the next level of intensity.

Obeying God As His Child

Broadcast #: 7129

The definition of girding up your mind is ready to work. We won’t always understand why God is calling us to obey Him, but it is so He can do His work in our lives.

Obeying God Shapes Your Destiny

Broadcast #: 7130

The idea of fashioning our lives. We choose whether we let our desires rule us or God’s will mold us.


Broadcast #: 6789

God would have us learn to run away from things that would destroy our fellowship with Him.

Shaping Our Life

Broadcast #: 7131

Following our own desires, what we want instead of what God wants for us is what shapes us. Our desires need to line up with God’s plan and a holy lifestyle.