Broadcasts containing the keyword(s): Cross

Being Dead To Sin

Broadcast #: 7151

Make up your mind about your sin being put to death, work at it and give over your emotions and desires. Ask God to take over your feelings through prayers.

Christ Our Sacrifice

Broadcast #: 7149

Christ died for us and took our place. His death was the punishment for our sins. In his own body he took on all our failings and can identify with what we go through.

Count On It

Broadcast #: 7150

All of our sins, failures are nailed to the cross with Christ. Count on the fact that your sins are forgiven and we are made alive in Christ, dead to sin.

Foot Of The Cross

Broadcast #: 6780

Get close enough to the cross and you won’t be able to see anybody else but Jesus and you.

Remarkable Happenings

Broadcast #: 6615

The way Christ died and the events following, reiterated that He was truly the Son of God.

Staying Calm

Broadcast #: 7189

You don’t have to be scared because you’re trusting somebody that is stronger!

The Centurion's Response

Broadcast #: 6644

This is not, then, the end of a life that was ending with a whimper, but it’s ending with a cry of victory.