Resources referencing 1 Thessalonians

For His Intent

Broadcast #: 7104

As you pray for yourself and for others, remember that this is a battle. God is able to open up things for you so the Word of God gets out.

People Are Important

Broadcast #: 7025

Be right with God and right with people so as you present the message of salvation, your walk will be credible.

Being Thankful To God

Broadcast #: 7027

We can be thankful in all things, both the blessings and the difficult circumstances.

Praying For Others

Broadcast #: 7028

Learn to pray for people when God brings them to your mind.

Our Hope In Christ

Broadcast #: 7030

What keeps us going is the faithfulness of Jesus being all that we need Him to be. We can trust Him.

The Essence Of Hope

Broadcast #: 7035

The real basis for hope is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is both Sovreign Lord and our Father. Outline given for verse five. What is the gospel?

How To Share The Gospel

Broadcast #: 7036

Do we know how to clearly present the gospel of Jesus to someone? Six scripture verses to share while witnessing.

Opening Doors

Broadcast #: 7105

You can pray in a manner that will free up the Word of God to get into people’s hearts – yes, you can.