Weary World Rejoice

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This Christmas season offering features a selection of Walk With The King broadcasts focused on the eternal, glorious hope that our Lord has brought to us here on Earth. compilation.



“Very Good News”  – #6494

The key to hope is the gospel. Christ died for my sins and Christ is alive.



“The Essence Of Hope” – #7035

The real basis for hope is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is both Sovereign Lord and our Father. What is the gospel?



“Blessed Assurance” – #7038

A hope is something that is based upon fact — and the only basis you have and I have of hope for eternity is found in the Lord Jesus Christ.


“Stronger Than Any Storm” – #7482

There may be tempests all around us, but in the depths of your heart, that right relationship with Jesus has produced His perfect peace.



“Real Confidence” – #7483

You can be the wholesome kind of a person who betters any situation by the spillover of hope out of your heart filled with the Spirit of God.