His Good Gifts

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“His Good Gifts”, focuses the fruit of the Spirit, as well as the Christian’s response to God’s faithful generosity. Five of Dr. Robert Cook’s radio broadcasts packaged together especially for you.






Gift Management” 1 Timothy 4 – #6731

Give yourself to the Lord and let Him use you within the boundaries of the gifts that He has given you.

“The Total Package” 1 Peter 5 – #7181

Our gifts and talents have been given to us by God. Give God all your abilities (and where you’re weakest) for God to use. How to meditate on God’s Word: think it over, memorize it.

“Grounded In Peace” Galatians 5:22-23 – #7211

The fruit of the Spirit as the result of God, the Holy Spirit dwelling in you and controlling you: that’s what this verse means….Think about those words for a little while.

“Tailor-Made Giftings” Ephesians 4 – #7340

God has placed different people in the Church with various abilities and various gifts. You and I are never to ignore them nor indeed try to change them.

The Gift of Christ at Christmas!

“Giving Your Gifting” Romans 16 – #7507

What is your gift? Find out what God has gifted you with – then hand it over to Him to use so that you can serve His people.