The Definition Of Sober-Minded

Broadcast #: 7076

A sober mind is one that has been saved through the grace of God, a saved mind. Reprogram your thoughts by memorizing scripture. Engage in the warfare of righteousness with the proper equipment.

Think God’s Thoughts

Broadcast #: 6687

A sound mind focused on God’s Word is vital for all people, and pastors especially. Fill your mind with God’s Word, then live it and share it with others.

Thoughts Matter

Broadcast #: 6430

Satan’s lie is that God doesn’t want the best for you. But He does! Don’t compromise and stay true to God’s Word. Be especially aware of your thoughts as they affect how you live.

Spiritual Wavelengths

Broadcast #: 6401

We really hear if we think something is important. Now, let me ask you then, beloved, how important is God’s Word to you?

What Goes In?

Broadcast #: 6400

Watch what you’re putting into your mind, because it stays there.

Guided To Victory

Broadcast #: 6392

It’s not simply memorizing the Word of God so that you may use it in your own motivation.

Thought Control

Broadcast #: 6357

The will of God is good. It’s good in its essence. It’s not flawed in any detail. It’s good in it’s intent and it’s also good in it’s result.

Will In Mind

Broadcast #: 6356

God’s Word — a living entity, endowed with spiritual power by its giver, Almighty God — that will change the way you think.

On Transformation

Broadcast #: 6355

Change begins not in circumstances, but in the mind, and by the renewing of your mind.