Many Hearts Made One

Broadcast #: 7326

There is no difference that Christ cannot sanctify by His presence. There is a oneness of heart that makes us one in Christ. Christ is all and in all.

Bound In Peace

Broadcast #: 7325

There’s room in God’s economy for infinite variety, but it always honors Jesus. It always is true to the Word and it always results in bringing people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Divine Unification

Broadcast #: 7324

God puts His love in my heart as the catalyst which brings me successfully together with someone who is quite unlike me but who also loves God.

As They Are

Broadcast #: 7323

Your job is to prepare for eternity — and today is a little slice of the eternity that you’ll have forever and forever.

How To Please God

Broadcast #: 7278

God’s will: He wants you to be worthy of the Lord whom you serve. He wants you to be fruitful. He wants you to know Him better.

The Signs Of Fruitfulness

Broadcast #: 7230

You don’t have to stop and scrape the barrel if God has been doing something in your life.

Added To Your Faith

Broadcast #: 7223

Go to Calvary and let God wash your own soul with His love and cleanse your life by His truth and begin to make your personality shine with His Spirit shining out of you. You’ll find your relationship with people is vastly improved.

What Is Being Godly?

Broadcast #: 7222

Godliness is not a pose. It’s not a covering. It’s not an act. It is a person controlling your life.

Where Patience Comes From

Broadcast #: 7221

Patience starts inside. The ability to stay down and not give up or blow up comes not from self-discipline only.

Let Him Handle It!

Broadcast #: 7147

God is doing something in your life you can’t see while you are going through circumstances you can’t understand. We are actually called in our relationship to Christ to go through these pressures with victory.