A Lifestyle Of Trusting

Broadcast #: 7331

Once you’ve committed yourself to Him, you embark on a lifestyle of commitment, trust, obedience that is marked by what the Bible calls faith.

Living In God’s Will

Broadcast #: 7401

You will be an effective witness for Christ if you are aware of living out God’s will for you. Daily recommit yourself to Jesus as Lord. Find out what the Bible says about decisions you make.

He Can Work It Out

Broadcast #: 6892

God has His eye on you — and He’s working in your life. Don’t forget that.

Draw Nigh To God

Broadcast #: 6429

When you make God Lord of your life, you will get direction from Him. Don’t let religion become routine. Always find time to be alone with God and to pray. Acknowledge His Lordship and you’ll begin to understand what He wants of you.

Strengthening, Or Weakening?

Broadcast #: 7471

What have I been saying and doing that might conceivably weaken another person’s faith or harm his Christian life?

In Step, In Obedience

Broadcast #: 7454

The faithful Spirit of God will always give you an action step which will unite you in the Will of God