Instructions For Leadership

Broadcast #: 7177

Elders are to preach God’s word and they are to be an example in what they say or don’t say. Be an example by the way you live out your life. We can only show God’s love to others by spending time in God’s presence.

Tips For Christian Workers

Broadcast #: 7083

If you work in Christian ministry it is work. As a boss to others don’t boss people around, but lead them. Be gentle when giving criticism. Be courteous.

Leadership In The Family

Broadcast #: 6694

You don’t demand that kind of a leadership, you have to earn it on your knees.

Following His Cues

Broadcast #: 7434

Don’t be concerned about who leads or who gets the credit for things, leave all that in God’s hands to do as He pleases.

Prepared To Be Surprised

Broadcast #: 7425

The biggest blessings the Lord has for you often times will be in the places where there’s been difficulty before.

Starting Over With God

Broadcast #: 7407

John Mark left the team of Paul and Barnabas. There are human reasons for quitting, but never for giving up on God. We need to make sure we are in the place where God wants us to be.