Self- Evaluation

Broadcast #: 7049
Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 2:5

Paul does an appraisal of his ministry. Presenting the gospel should be done in truth, sincerity without flattery. Be an encourager.

Ordered Steps

Broadcast #: 7011
Scripture: Psalm 37:23

Seek God and delight yourself in doing good for His glory–He promises that your steps will be firmly planted in Him the whole time.

The Eternal Purpose

Broadcast #: 6451
Scripture: Mark 8-9

We’re part of His purpose for individual salvation.

Living Profitably

Broadcast #: 6448
Scripture: Mark 8:35-38

Profit – spiritual and eternal profit – has to do with what God is doing in your life. His own soul, start there.

A Faith Reflection

Broadcast #: 6447
Scripture: Mark 8:35-37

Your value system needs to start inside.

Selfless Goals

Broadcast #: 6446
Scripture: Mark 8:35-38

There’s always something you can do, Beloved, in setting a goal that is not self-centered.