A Wife’s Attitude Toward Her Husband

Broadcast #: 7157

The principle of treating each other with respect is given to the wife also. To be in subjection to is defined as patient respect. The wife’s attitude of acceptance and respect can win over the husband who isn’t walking with God.

Our Attitude Towards Work

Broadcast #: 7144

It is to God’s glory if we suffer for doing good while at work. Let God work out the problems we may face when working with others.

Respecting Your Boss

Broadcast #: 7084

The Bible says when you pray about your job you will have the right thoughts and attitude.

Showing Brotherly Love

Broadcast #: 7067

Brotherly love for other people comes out of prayer and feeding on God’s Word. God will give us all we need even to love those who are difficult.

The Ask

Broadcast #: 6680

The earnest ask, thanks, worship and intercession are four keys in prayer. Be sure to give God His proper place and have the right attitude of heart.

Stewarding His Love

Broadcast #: 6591

Our giving as Christians grows out of the profound awareness that it all belongs to God.

Cure For Doubt

Broadcast #: 6419

The answer to doubt is to see what Jesus is doing. The answer to the question, ‘Is Jesus the Messiah?’, is to look and see all of the miracles He performs. Trusting Jesus doesn’t automatically mean your circumstances will change, but it does mean that He will make sure that you’re blessed if you believe.

Right Eyes

Broadcast #: 6384

Make sure that when you go into God’s house, you’re not looking for reasons to find flaws and to criticize.

True Dependance

Broadcast #: 6346

The goodness of God involves also His guidance. “The steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord.”