A Slice Of Heaven

Broadcast #: 6361

Shut the world away, wait on your Lord. Let the Holy Spirit of God reveal Christ to you. You’ll come out with your face shining and your heart filled with His joy.

Every Day Trusting

Broadcast #: 6360

He isn’t about to drop you now. He hasn’t brought you this far to drop you. He’s going to take care of you.

Go With The Flow

Broadcast #: 6359

God’s perfect plan for you may involve some changes. Well, if does, remember: He’s planned it.

A Yoke That Fits

Broadcast #: 6358

When you give your will to God Almighty through faith in Jesus Christ, you find out that His yoke fits you.

Thought Control

Broadcast #: 6357

The will of God is good. It’s good in its essence. It’s not flawed in any detail. It’s good in it’s intent and it’s also good in it’s result.

Will In Mind

Broadcast #: 6356

God’s Word — a living entity, endowed with spiritual power by its giver, Almighty God — that will change the way you think.

On Transformation

Broadcast #: 6355

Change begins not in circumstances, but in the mind, and by the renewing of your mind.

Turning His Way

Broadcast #: 6354

You’ll never know how good God is until you’re willing to turn away from the world system for His sake.

Pious Vs. Holy

Broadcast #: 6353

The minute you trust the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior and commit yourself to Him, you are accounted holy and righteous.

Living Your Sacrifice

Broadcast #: 6352

A sacrifice is something devoted to just one purpose. A sacrifice involves giving a life, not simply an effort.