Our Redeemer And Friend

Broadcast #: 7258
Scripture: 2 Peter 2

The man and the glory, the Lord Jesus Christ is speaking your name this minute before God the Father. Isn’t that great? Well, yes, how do you know he’s speaking over me? Jesus said, “I know my sheep and I’m known of mine.”

Steadfast In Faith

Broadcast #: 7191
Scripture: 1 Peter 5:9

You can’t handle the battle alone, you must have God’s help in getting victory.

Staying Calm

Broadcast #: 7189
Scripture: 1 Peter 5:8

You don’t have to be scared because you’re trusting somebody that is stronger!

How God’s Love Transforms

Broadcast #: 7178
Scripture: 1 Peter 5:1-3

Being an example of God’s love chooses Christ’s love to control us rather than bitterness. He cares about us enough to give us His love that will cause us to be a victor over the painful circumstances of life.

Let Him Handle It!

Broadcast #: 7147
Scripture: 1 Peter 2:19-21

God is doing something in your life you can’t see while you are going through circumstances you can’t understand. We are actually called in our relationship to Christ to go through these pressures with victory.

The Protector

Broadcast #: 6945
Scripture: John 16:29-33

So your Savior is saying to you, “Cheer up. I dealt with the sin problem and I’ve dealt with the fear problem – I can deal with anything that threatens you.”

Disciple Of Love

Broadcast #: 6895
Scripture: John 11:45-47

If you’re going to help disciple somebody, do it lovingly.

He’ll Deliver You

Broadcast #: 6656
Scripture: Psalm 91:14-16

God’s Presence will protect and deliver you in your life. Is God’s power working through you? Is your life worthy of Calvary?

Always A Victor

Broadcast #: 6651
Scripture: Psalm 91:6-13

God always protects you when you are doing His Will. Trust in His promises to see you through.

Choosing Truth

Broadcast #: 6394
Scripture: Mark 3:22-27

You have that self-humbling of yourself before God; submission to God, and then by faith, the process of resisting Satan.