Trust, Rest, Wait

Broadcast #: 7004

So much in life involves waiting. Having faith means waiting on the Lord without a guarantee of knowing the exact timing of His plans. Explore the divine peace of trusting God’s timing.

Spillover Blessings

Broadcast #: 6866

Be so full of the Spirit of God that what you say has overtones of blessing in it.

Unanswered Prayer

Broadcast #: 6655

Prayer may not always be answered the way we want but God does answer. He knows what is good for us and His timing is perfect.

Dare To Believe

Broadcast #: 6411

To trust God doesn’t mean you’re going to sit around. It means that you’re going to move forward in the right direction. Turn desperate situations over to God, because He cares. Trust means believing. Nothing is unfixable when God is involved.

Let Him Lead You

Broadcast #: 6405

God waits until you are ready to handle something before He lets it happen. God knows the outcome of everything because He has a perfect plan for you. First pray, then do, and let Him be reflected in your life

First And Foremost

Broadcast #: 6369

Make sure that the Lord Jesus and the Will of God are more important than what the gang wants. The crowd is almost always wrong.

Eternal Love

Broadcast #: 6324

You may have been hurt by people; but God is faithful. He hasn’t gone off the throne. And He hasn’t lost sight of you, His precious child.