Scripture Fulfilled

Christians at Risk

Broadcast #: 6969
Scripture: John 19:38

As I try to speak of Jesus, there are some who reject Him, but there are others who’ll receive Him. In any case, I’m free to do so without risking my life. But there are people whose testimony places them at great risk. Have a heart for them.

Miraculous Love

Broadcast #: 6967
Scripture: John 19

Just think: God Almighty came down the stairways of the stars and lived that perfect life, and then went deliberately to an ignominious death of extreme, exquisite suffering on the cross.

Great News

Broadcast #: 7411
Scripture: Acts 13:26

God makes you so right with Himself that sins are forgiven and forgotten by God. You record is clean; your life is clean, and you are living for the Lord Jesus Christ.