Christ Our Sacrifice

Broadcast #: 7149

Christ died for us and took our place. His death was the punishment for our sins. In his own body he took on all our failings and can identify with what we go through.

To Love Others

Broadcast #: 7141

True sacrificial love has to come from a changed heart, changed by the Holy Spirit. Your heart’s attitude towards others will change as you pray for people in your life.

Reasons To Live A Holy Life

Broadcast #: 7132

We live holy lives because of what God’s Word commands, because of the cost of Christ’s death.

Jesus Gets It

Broadcast #: 6802

Everything that happens to you because you’re a human being is understood by the Savior to whom you pray.

Forever First

Broadcast #: 6766

Put Jesus first — put eternity first in your thinking, in your planning, and in all that you do.

Pray. Plan.

Broadcast #: 6750

When you pray about a decision you get “in business” with God.

Divine Leadership

Broadcast #: 6701

If you’re going to lead in God’s work, you have to learn the taste of sacrifice, giving, stewardship.

Worship, Obey and Sacrifice

Broadcast #: 6640

Christians are not exempt from the law. Give Caesar and God what is respectively theirs. Worship with a clean heart, obey willingly and sacrifice lovingly.

Childlike Abandon

Broadcast #: 6638

We need to talk to God and trust Him just as little children do. Be completely abandoned to Him. He will always answer abundantly when we do.

He Answers Your Cry

Broadcast #: 6612

God won’t always answer our questions. However, He will always answer our cry.