Broadcast #: 7146

The minute you turn it over to God, He can handle it. And the heaviness goes out of the burden, and the sting goes out of the hurt, and the presence of the Lord Jesus fills your life with peace and joy – I can guarantee it. Turn to Him today.

Letting Go Of Resentment

Broadcast #: 7135

The fact that we have received salvation requires action. Get rid of malice, or bitterness. We need to surrender all areas to Christ.

Hand It Over

Broadcast #: 7007

Your motive in life gives way to who or what controls it. The divine change happens when we hand over control to God.

The Unspoken Sermon

Broadcast #: 6935

It is the reality of Christ in your life, beloved, that makes the difference. You are an unspoken sermon to people.

One Heart

Broadcast #: 6553

Two people who are at odds with each other can get together on their knees.