To Love Others

Broadcast #: 7141

True sacrificial love has to come from a changed heart, changed by the Holy Spirit. Your heart’s attitude towards others will change as you pray for people in your life.

Relating To Others

Broadcast #: 7112

Summary of 1 Thessalonians 2. Relate to one another by being bold for God. Don’t use flattering words. Be gentle as a mother who will do anything for her children and give up her life for them. Relate to people based on their need for Jesus. Be the kind of person that can introduce them to Christ.

Aim To Build One Another Up

Broadcast #: 7081

Just be there. Your loving presence is more of a comfort than you know. Listen, don’t talk. Love, don’t preach.

The Action Of Ministry

Broadcast #: 7053

Paul came as a father, persuading, comforting and encouraging. We persuade others of their need for the gospel.

People Are Important

Broadcast #: 7025

Be right with God and right with people so as you present the message of salvation, your walk will be credible.

Your Guide

Broadcast #: 6786

Ask God to guide you so that you’ll be doing what He wants you to do and saying what He wants you to say.

Resurrection Power

Broadcast #: 6471

One of the great privileges of being a Christian is that you’re able to be in touch with Almighty God in the ordinary events of every day.

Made To Shine

Broadcast #: 6379

The attempt to look holy only makes you look ill —- it doesn’t work that way.

Walking In The Light

Broadcast #: 6515

Walking in the light has to do with keeping close enough to the Lord Jesus so that every step is ordered by Him.