Slow Down

Broadcast #: 7295
Scripture: Ephesians 2:4-6

Take a little time to experience the love of God. You don’t experience God’s love by dashing into the laundry list of things and say, “God do this and this and this and this, amen.”

How Suffering Perfects Us

Broadcast #: 7196
Scripture: 1 Peter 5:10

We are called to eternal glory and through suffering and trials God is at work to perfect us. To perfect us means to mend, equip, rearrange.

Excited About God

Broadcast #: 6642
Scripture: Mark 14

In all things remember that the focus should be on Whom it is for, not what or how much.

Let Your Light Shine

Broadcast #: 6399
Scripture: Mark 4:21-24

Let your own comfort be subservient to the idea of winning other people to the Lord Jesus Christ.


Broadcast #: 6397
Scripture: Mark 4:19

The only way to keep from having God’s Word choked out of your life is to make sure that the Lord Jesus Christ is the One who gives you the greatest joy.

Eternal Investing

Broadcast #: 6375
Scripture: Mark 1:35-39

The main task of the Church in this age is evangelization, not the Christianization.

Life On Purpose

Broadcast #: 7516
Scripture: Deuteronomy 6:23

You can achieve an awareness of purpose by getting into action.

Genuine Faith

Broadcast #: 7419
Scripture: Acts 14:7

One of the great problems of our day is that many an evangelical is trying to bootleg the gospel.