His Timing Is Everything

Broadcast #: 7334
Scripture: Ephesians 4:6

God never goes out to lunch. I say this reverently: He’s always on the job.

Praying His Will

Broadcast #: 7378
Scripture: 1 Peter 3:12

If you want things to be better, start doing all that you know to be the Will of God.

Turning Yourself Over To God

Broadcast #: 7022
Scripture: Psalm 37:40

Making a habit of giving God control in every situation leads to a life of adventure and dependence on Him and His strength. Here is the divine peace that accompanies total self-surrender to God.

Ordered Steps

Broadcast #: 7011
Scripture: Psalm 37:23

Seek God and delight yourself in doing good for His glory–He promises that your steps will be firmly planted in Him the whole time.

The True Story

Broadcast #: 6962
Scripture: John 18:1-16

There’s room for the occasional misunderstanding, but what is said about you, over the years – 20 years, let’s say – will be precisely the truth.

Take A Moment

Broadcast #: 6952
Scripture: John 17:17

Take just a few moments with your Lord and honestly discuss with Him the whole day so that He can put it in perspective.

Finding Real Peace

Broadcast #: 6944
Scripture: John 16:29-33

God knows what He’s doing and He says so. Oh, real peace comes then from turning-things-over to your blessed Lord. Make a habit of yielding the situations as they arise to your Lord.

You Yield, He’ll Guide

Broadcast #: 6907
Scripture: John 13:1

When you yield to God habitually, you make it possible for the Holy Spirit to guide you in everything.

Above All Else

Broadcast #: 6902
Scripture: John 12:42

God and His Will are the most important things in all of the universe for you.

What God Wants

Broadcast #: 6854
Scripture: John 6:39-40

Doing God’s will is inevitably bound up with your relationship with Jesus.