Timeless God

Broadcast #: 7279

God is absolutely perfect, eternally self-fulfilled, He never needs renewal, He never gets tired, He never gets weary, He doesn’t have to sleep, He doesn’t get worn out. God’s glory never gets tarnished.

He Rules

Broadcast #: 6965

The kingdom of God. What does it mean? It means that when God is in His rightful place, He will be king of your life. The second syllable of the word “kingdom” reminds us of the word dominion. He rules.

Waiting For Strength

Broadcast #: 6574

It’s a daily process of receiving by faith the strength to take another step.

Praying People

Broadcast #: 6374

Pray toward the answer in faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

Reprove To Improve

Broadcast #: 6339

If some precious brother or sister points out a fault, don’t fight it. Listen. God, the Holy Spirit, may be wanting to speak to you along that very line.

The Elation Of His Love

Broadcast #: 6325

Let the Blessed Spirit of God fill your life until you are delighted to share something about the Lord Jesus as a byproduct of His presence in your life.

Every Good Work

Broadcast #: 6516

The results of what I do that is good, will accrue in terms of eternal value.


Broadcast #: 6513

What he’s really saying is: start to live in a manner that will reflect praise on your heavenly Father.

Knowing His Will

Broadcast #: 6512

If it’s in the Bible, do it. If it is forbidden in the Bible, don’t do it. That’s the will of God.

Righteous Evidence

Broadcast #: 6509

The fruits of righteousness are the results of God working in your motives and actions.