Getting Honest With God

Broadcast #: 7188

Tell God about all that you are feeling, let Him handle it. He cares about you and what you are going through. He cares about your past, present and future.

Confiding and Committing

Broadcast #: 7003

Everyone makes plans in life. God asks us to do one thing before we make our plans: come to Him first.

A Call

Broadcast #: 6799

The Lord Jesus allows (and maybe) plans things to come into your life just to get your attention.

Excited About God

Broadcast #: 6642

In all things remember that the focus should be on Whom it is for, not what or how much.

Who Wants To Go To Samaria?

Broadcast #: 6625

Preaching to every creature means where you are and live. We need to be effective communicators and share the Good News.

Small Things? God Cares!

Broadcast #: 6603

God has a plan for everything and everyone. It is not really where you are, but Who is with you.

His Plans, Or Yours?

Broadcast #: 6583

Maybe that is the most important concept you hear all day long, that God has plans for you and He expects results.