Peace Of God

Valley And Flood

Broadcast #: 7336

God is giving you the want to obey Him and then He’s working sovereignly in to your life to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ through it all.

Trust Him – He Knows

Broadcast #: 6909

He’s still in charge, beloved. In the dark hours when you’re hurting He says, “I’ll let you know later on what’s going on.”

Bubbling With New Life

Broadcast #: 6883

Abundant, more abundant life, spilling over: the overflow of divine blessing out of your life.

A Better Life

Broadcast #: 7531

God wants you to be a happy, wholesome, normal human being, and full of His Word and full of His Spirit.

A Great Peace

Broadcast #: 7504

You’re operating according to a higher set of principles and so you don’t get upset and offended at things that happen in day to day life.

On The Line

Broadcast #: 7431

How long has it been since I risked anything in my life on the Will of God?