Getting What You Want

Broadcast #: 7002
Scripture: Psalm 37:4

People love getting what they want. What we long for, or aquire, or work for usually indicates where our heart lies. Here are God’s guidelines for getting what we want in life.

A Part Of The Picture

Broadcast #: 6894
Scripture: John 11:37

Faith is making yourself available so God can work out His already-developed eternal plans.

Ready For A Miracle?

Broadcast #: 6840
Scripture: John 5:1-16

God blesses people who obey Him in faith and step out by faith.

Marching Orders

Broadcast #: 6794
Scripture: John 1:6

God doesn’t always explain what He has in mind when He tells you to do something – but he does expect you to obey.

God Of Power

Broadcast #: 6772
Scripture: 1 Timothy 6:16-17

Their’s never any end to the blessing that comes when you honor God.

In Everything, Honor

Broadcast #: 6771
Scripture: 1 Timothy 6:16

Just ask the question when you make a decision, “Will this honor my Lord?”

Worship, Obey and Sacrifice

Broadcast #: 6640
Scripture: Mark 12

Christians are not exempt from the law. Give Caesar and God what is respectively theirs. Worship with a clean heart, obey willingly and sacrifice lovingly.

Unbelief Hurts

Broadcast #: 6635
Scripture: Mark 7

God truly cares about us in all things, and He knows what He is doing. Our lack of confidence that He can help us hurts Him.

What Motivates?

Broadcast #: 6589
Scripture: Mark 12:38-40

The ultimate motivation of your life, is that which you really seek.