Love Of God

Prayer Conditioning

Broadcast #: 7102
Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:25

What we are saying is that effective praying has to involve the whole being. It has to involve all of you. And it is a battle, and you have to work at it.

One In Christ

Broadcast #: 6953
Scripture: John 17:18

You’re united not only in the matter of Calvary love pouring into and out of your life, but you are united because of your commitment to Jesus.

Trustworthy Friend

Broadcast #: 6931
Scripture: John 15:15

God wants me to know that I can trust Him all the way. And He says, “That’s my friend.” Would you rejoice in that today, beloved?

Don’t Worry, He Knows

Broadcast #: 6825
Scripture: John 3:14-17

All of us are tempted and all of us are tested, but Jesus is the one that makes the difference between victory or defeat.

From The Wellspring

Broadcast #: 7536
Scripture: Ephesians 1:4-5

Modified character and conduct, changed attitude, and changed feeling tone – all of these things come through the operation of the Word of God in your life.

Blessing Through The Battle

Broadcast #: 7493
Scripture: Romans 15:29-30

Is it possible that you can be a blessing to people who disagree with you violently and who wish you not well but ill?