Until You’re Full

Broadcast #: 6973
Scripture: John 19:38-42

You stay in the presence of your Lord until your heart is filled with His love as the Holy Spirit drips it in to your own heart. I can guarantee you that when you rise from your knees, you will be led into some helpful activity to obey God.


Broadcast #: 6828
Scripture: John 3:17-27

The way to reflect gratitude for what God has given you is to point straight to the Lord Jesus Christ.


Broadcast #: 6827
Scripture: John 3:17-27

The new life of God brings a new law, a new way of existing – alive, not condemned.

Perfect, Brilliant Light

Broadcast #: 6797
Scripture: John 1:9-13

The Light of the World: When He comes into your life, He makes a difference by lighting up your heart.

Send Me!

Broadcast #: 6793
Scripture: John 1:5

God wants to send you to be a blessing – He’ll always start on the basis of things and people that you know.

Let Your Light Shine

Broadcast #: 6399
Scripture: Mark 4:21-24

Let your own comfort be subservient to the idea of winning other people to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Keeping Lights Lit

Broadcast #: 6350
Scripture: Psalm 23:6

Putting God on the throne of your life makes Him your treasure instead of something that will be destroyed with the passing of time.