Growing Up

Broadcast #: 7351

Growing up in Christ. You need to decide what it is you’re standing for and stand for it instead of allowing yourself to be moved by every influence that comes along.

Enlightened Understanding

Broadcast #: 7286

What is the hope of His calling? It boils down to this. God wants to see something happen as a result of His having called you to Himself. He did this with something in mind.

What’s Going On?

Broadcast #: 7285

Interesting that Paul should pray that these people should have an understanding of what God is doing. Why? Well, because your effectiveness in any given situation often depends on whether you know what you’re doing or not.

Prayer And Knowledge

Broadcast #: 7284

Routine praying never moved any mountains. Routine, ordinary, habitual, shallow, thoughtless praying never produced any miracles, never healed any broken hearts, never moved anybody closer to God, including the pray-er.

The Signs Of Fruitfulness

Broadcast #: 7230

You don’t have to stop and scrape the barrel if God has been doing something in your life.

Where Patience Comes From

Broadcast #: 7221

Patience starts inside. The ability to stay down and not give up or blow up comes not from self-discipline only.

Sin Or Holiness?

Broadcast #: 7220

God has built surrender into your bones. You will always give up to something or somebody. The secret of inner strength is to give up to the Lord Jesus.

Need A Change?

Broadcast #: 6671

God through the Holy Spirit can change you and others. You can grow in grace and knowledge. How is God impacting you?

Worship, Obey and Sacrifice

Broadcast #: 6640

Christians are not exempt from the law. Give Caesar and God what is respectively theirs. Worship with a clean heart, obey willingly and sacrifice lovingly.