How A Husband Treats His Wife

Broadcast #: 7160

Learn all you can about your wife. You honor your wife by not criticizing her, but encouraging. To honor means to value her opinion. Pray together as heirs of the grace of God.

The Order Of Respect

Broadcast #: 7143

The formula for a healthy society is to honor all men, fear God, honor the king, servants subject to their bosses. We must do our work with the idea of serving God in all we do.

To Love Others

Broadcast #: 7141

True sacrificial love has to come from a changed heart, changed by the Holy Spirit. Your heart’s attitude towards others will change as you pray for people in your life.

Honor Each Other

Broadcast #: 7140

Ways to show honor: notice people, show that you care about them. To honor is to value and esteem.

In Everything, Honor

Broadcast #: 6771

Just ask the question when you make a decision, “Will this honor my Lord?”

Royally Unashamed

Broadcast #: 6450

You have to work at this matter of making sure that the Lord Jesus Christ is honored in your lifestyle.

Life Fruitfully

Broadcast #: 6483

Let the Spirit of God fill your life. In everything you do, honor Him.