Strangers And Pilgrims

Broadcast #: 7154

Don’t use your freedom to sin, but to glorify God. Turn habits over to God by faith and use your freedom to serve others.

A Slice Of Heaven

Broadcast #: 6361

Shut the world away, wait on your Lord. Let the Holy Spirit of God reveal Christ to you. You’ll come out with your face shining and your heart filled with His joy.

Renewed Power

Broadcast #: 6518

Now, you don’t have to burn out when God is resupplying the power.

Filled And Overflowing

Broadcast #: 6506

To be filled with the Spirit means that every area of my life is yielded to His blessed presence.


Broadcast #: 6503

What we need, Beloved, is to bring our praying to the next level of intensity.

Factual Prayers

Broadcast #: 6502

You better discuss with God what the facts are and let Him give you then that realistic answer to your specific prayer.