God's Word

From Glory To Glory

Broadcast #: 7268

The mirror is the Word of God. As you dwell in the Word of God, the Holy Spirit changes you into His image, more like the Lord Jesus.

Virtue To Knowledge

Broadcast #: 7219

To really know God is to commit yourself to Him — to let Him work in your life and the lives of others around you, and to tie yourself to His eternal Word.

Living In God’s Will

Broadcast #: 7401

You will be an effective witness for Christ if you are aware of living out God’s will for you. Daily recommit yourself to Jesus as Lord. Find out what the Bible says about decisions you make.

Obeying God Shapes Your Destiny

Broadcast #: 7130

The idea of fashioning our lives. We choose whether we let our desires rule us or God’s will mold us.

Standing On Solid Rock

Broadcast #: 6818

Don’t depend on your feelings. Depend, beloved, on the Word of God

We’re The Vessel

Broadcast #: 6806

The only Jesus people will ever know about is the Christ that is revealed through your life.

Banishing Unbelief

Broadcast #: 6619

If you’re troubled with doubts, and I suppose everyone is at sometime or other in his or her life, get into God’s Word, and read the promises that He’s made and the prophecies that have been fulfilled.

Children Of God

Broadcast #: 6566

Do your children know for sure that they are in your regular, earnest, loving, intercessory prayers?


Broadcast #: 6466

The more you think about God, the more you trust God, the more you’ll be at peace with God

A New Day Everyday

Broadcast #: 6463

Get something fresh from the Lord every day from His Word.