God Of Hope

Don’t Leave The Fountain

Broadcast #: 7534
Scripture: Ephesians 1:3

Unless you have something fresh from God’s Word to spillover onto people that very day, you’ll run dry.

A Great Peace

Broadcast #: 7504
Scripture: Romans 15:33

You’re operating according to a higher set of principles and so you don’t get upset and offended at things that happen in day to day life.

Real Confidence

Broadcast #: 7483
Scripture: Romans 15:13

You can be the wholesome kind of a person who betters any situation by the spillover of hope out of your heart filled with the Spirit of God

Stronger Than Any Storm

Broadcast #: 7482
Scripture: Romans 15:8-13

There may be tempests all around us but in the depths of your heart, that right relationship with Jesus has produced His perfect peace.

Joy Is Commitment

Broadcast #: 7481
Scripture: Romans 15 :8-13

Joy is not just happiness. Happiness depends upon circumstances. When you commit a situation and yourself with it to God, you suddenly have hope.