God Knows

Living An Adventurous Life With Christ

Broadcast #: 7024
Scripture: Psalm 37:39-40

True peace come in absolute commitment. True stability comes from absolute trust. Living by faith in God alone in every moment.

His Footsteps, One Step At A Time

Broadcast #: 6976
Scripture: John 20:1-11

It brings great comfort to my heart because I’m often perplexed about the next steps. But all you have to do is obey God one step at a time.

The High Way

Broadcast #: 6853
Scripture: John 6:38-37

God has a purpose for your life – that purpose is wrapped up in doing the will of God in introducing others to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ready For A Miracle?

Broadcast #: 6840
Scripture: John 5:1-16

God blesses people who obey Him in faith and step out by faith.

Preeminent Knowledge

Broadcast #: 6819
Scripture: John 3:1-8

Take comfort in the fact that when you start a prayer, God already knows your needs.

In Trouble? Get Closer

Broadcast #: 7416
Scripture: Acts 13:48

The secret of spreading the gospel is to have the Lord Jesus doing something in your own life.