Stay Close

Broadcast #: 7010

Walking closely with God allows us to see and hear with His eyes and ears. Miracles can happen when we’re walking with Him.


Broadcast #: 6782

The reason I want you to pray is because God wants people to be saved — there’s only one way.

Divine Leadership

Broadcast #: 6701

If you’re going to lead in God’s work, you have to learn the taste of sacrifice, giving, stewardship.

Stewarding His Love

Broadcast #: 6591

Our giving as Christians grows out of the profound awareness that it all belongs to God.

Grateful Giving

Broadcast #: 6585

Make a list of the things you owe to God and see for yourself how richly He will reward your faithfulness.

Yielding And Blessing

Broadcast #: 6425

Jesus puts the burden of meeting others needs on us, and asks us to give what we have to help. God uses us to satisfy the hungry hearts of people everywhere. Give whatever you have to Him and He will multiply it back to you to give to others.

The Elation Of His Love

Broadcast #: 6325

Let the Blessed Spirit of God fill your life until you are delighted to share something about the Lord Jesus as a byproduct of His presence in your life.