Tailor-Made Giftings

Broadcast #: 7340

God has placed different people in the Church with various abilities, various gifts. And you and I are never to ignore them nor indeed try to change them.

Grace-Filled Giftings

Broadcast #: 7304

Look to your heavenly Father for special grace within the parameters of whatever gifts He may have given you. What gifts do you have?

Rich Love

Broadcast #: 7300

So if you want access into the very presence of God, number one, you have to want to; number two, you have to ask God for it through the Lord Jesus; number three, you have to go to the place where God speaks to you, and that’s in His word.

The Total Package

Broadcast #: 7181

Our gifts and talents have been given to us by God. Give God all your abilities and where you’re weakest for God to use. How to meditate on God’s word: think it over, memorize it.

Honor God In What You Say

Broadcast #: 7404

Your words have the power to minister to someone. Pray before you speak. If you fill your mind with God’s word, it will come out in your words.. Pray before you say something.

Neglecting What He Gives You

Broadcast #: 6735

Start thinking and praying about your personal responsibility to develop the abilities God has given you?

Gift Management

Broadcast #: 6731

Give yourself to the Lord and let Him use you within the boundaries of the gifts that He has given you.

What Drives You?

Broadcast #: 6601

Your interests drive your life. Always remember that even when you feel unrecognized, God remembers your service. Honor Him and spread the Gospel’s good news anywhere you can.

A Divine Awareness

Broadcast #: 6297

Had you thought of God’s grace not simply as enduring trials but as making you strong?