Out Of Control

Broadcast #: 7328
Scripture: Ephesians 4:4

Make Him Lord of your feelings. By faith, take from Him the calming of the inner storms and the joy and peace that He alone can give.

Getting Honest With God

Broadcast #: 7188
Scripture: 1 Peter 5:7

Tell God about all that you are feeling, let Him handle it. He cares about you and what you are going through. He cares about your past, present and future.

Of One Mind

Broadcast #: 6954
Scripture: John 17 9-17

But in lowliness of mind, let us each esteem others better than themselves. Oneness in Christ means oneness of motive. “That, in all things, He, Jesus, might have the preeminence.”

Standing On Solid Rock

Broadcast #: 6818
Scripture: John 2:22

Don’t depend on your feelings. Depend, beloved, on the Word of God

Brand New

Broadcast #: 6801
Scripture: John 1:11-14

Expect a change in the world around you when Jesus takes control of your life.

Finding Peace

Broadcast #: 6467
Scripture: Mark 9:50

You can rejoice in that vast, ineffable sense of divinely given well-being that comes when you’ve prayed about a matter.

Turning Over Anger

Broadcast #: 6385
Scripture: Mark 3:1-4

We would fly apart by centrifugal force it seems, if it were not for that blessed Spirit of God.