No Fear

Broadcast #: 7190
Scripture: 1 Peter 5:8

We don’t have to be shaken up by lies. Always be spiritually watchful and awake on the job.

Cure For Fear

Broadcast #: 6650
Scripture: Psalm 91:5-6

The cure for fear is the presence of a Person: against unknown fears, deliberate attacks against you, and diseases.

Home With God

Broadcast #: 6647
Scripture: Psalm 91:1-2

Make God at home within your heart. The key to this kind of relationship is fear, obedience, respect, love and awe.

Give God Your Fears

Broadcast #: 6632
Scripture: Mark 5

We all have fears in life. Remember, God wants to reassure you and help you, not embarrass you. Let Him have all your fears.

The Human Dilemma

Broadcast #: 6617
Scripture: Mark 16:1-7

Anytime you team difficulties with Almighty God, you will overcome them. As with the resurrection, there is no limit to what God can do for you if you trust Him.

Yes To Jesus

Broadcast #: 6409
Scripture: Mark 5:1-19

Don’t be afraid to yield fully to Jesus. Minister to others in your everyday life as He would. If others are uncomfortable it may be a reminder of the wrongs in their life, but always display God’s love as a witness to them.

Fear Not

Broadcast #: 6408
Scripture: Mark 5:1-9

If Jesus is in the boat of your life and you are obeying Him, you have nothing to fear. You are unsinkable! Give yourself to Him and let Him renew you and guide you

Through The Valley

Broadcast #: 6335
Scripture: Psalm 23:4

He loves you with an everlasting love. He wants to put His arms of love around you and support you, guide you, and protect you if you let Him.

He’s Been There

Broadcast #: 6334
Scripture: Psalm 23:4

Jesus tasted death for us. He knows the agony of death and He went through it for our sake… “O death, where is thy sting, O where is thy victory?”