The Matter Of Honoring God

Broadcast #: 6677
Scripture: 1 Timothy 1:17-18

To honor God means to recognize Him–constantly looking in His direction.

A Good Conscience

Broadcast #: 6662
Scripture: 1 Timothy 1:5

A pure heart and good conscience are evident when one walks closely with God. Live out these truths, listen to the Holy Spirit and always ask God to forgive you immediately when you fall out of line.

Love God, Know God

Broadcast #: 6653
Scripture: Psalm 91:15-16

What you love determines what you are and what you become. Obey God now on what you know to be His will.

Lasting Flavor

Broadcast #: 6461
Scripture: Mark 9:50

God wants to be first in my life so that the salt will really have its flavor.

Pray, Think, Do

Broadcast #: 6427
Scripture: Mark 6:45-51

To experience the presence of the Lord, you must wait on Him. Don’t hurry through your worship, and just ask Him for things. Take time with God to tell Him that you are His and thank Him for all He does for you. He will reveal Himself through His Holy Spirit and guide you.