Living In God’s Will

Broadcast #: 7401
Scripture: 1 Peter 3:17

You will be an effective witness for Christ if you are aware of living out God’s will for you. Daily recommit yourself to Jesus as Lord. Find out what the Bible says about decisions you make.

Confiding and Committing

Broadcast #: 7003
Scripture: Psalm 37:4-6

Everyone makes plans in life. God asks us to do one thing before we make our plans: come to Him first.

Truth Revealed

Broadcast #: 6805
Scripture: John 1:18

Our blessed Lord Jesus Christ reveals to us the grace of God, His redemptive nature.

Excited About God

Broadcast #: 6642
Scripture: Mark 14

In all things remember that the focus should be on Whom it is for, not what or how much.

A Perfectly Planned Conclusion

Broadcast #: 6468
Scripture: Philippians 1:6

God knows what He’s doing. He’s bringing His work to a planned conclusion in your life.

Draw Nigh To God

Broadcast #: 6429
Scripture: Mark 6:50-52

When you make God Lord of your life, you will get direction from Him. Don’t let religion become routine. Always find time to be alone with God and to pray. Acknowledge His Lordship and you’ll begin to understand what He wants of you.

Let Him Lead You

Broadcast #: 6405
Scripture: Mark 4:33-41

God waits until you are ready to handle something before He lets it happen. God knows the outcome of everything because He has a perfect plan for you. First pray, then do, and let Him be reflected in your life