The Desire To Change

Broadcast #: 7173
Scripture: 1 Peter 4:17

We can bring the impossible areas of our life to God that we feel we can’t change. He gives us the “want to” to turn over our habits, thoughts and heart to Him.

Pray Specifically

Broadcast #: 6838
Scripture: John 4:46-54

The point at which prayer becomes real is the point of absolute commitment when there isn’t any other resource but God in the matter.

Turn Ambition Into Vision

Broadcast #: 6666
Scripture: 1 Timothy 1:3-9

What are your desires and ambitions? Let God take your ambitions and turn them into visions that fulfill God’s plan for you and His ultimate purpose, love.

Faith, Promises, Belief

Broadcast #: 6639
Scripture: Mark 11

Desire, pray, believe, receive and have, are five steps towards true belief in prayer. Pray His promises and believe.

Desire, Pray, Believe, Receive

Broadcast #: 6580
Scripture: Mark 11:24-25

Desire, this is a deep word. It means something that you’re desperately in earnest about.

Called Into Being

Broadcast #: 6377
Scripture: Mark 1:40-45

Start visualizing in your praying the promises of God and pray toward the answer – and believe God for it. Don’t tell God what to do or how to do it. Let Him be God.